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  • Pantomime, gesture, prophets, and social change

    Pantomime is the ancient and univeral art of gesture, an expression of social interaction. Anthropologists, sociologists, and dramatists continue to identify a wide variety of pantomimes first celebrated in the cave paintings of the Stone Age and found also in the magic, ritual, and dances of traditional societies.

  • Poets and relationship with everything in the universe

    Just read and interesting article by a woman named Carol Dempsey about Creation and Covenant…I wanted to share it as it speaks of the Poets instinctively understanding the interconnectedness between everything in the universe before the scientists understood it… The birth of the new millennium has ushered in new discoveries and a “new science” that heralds groundbreaking news.  The entire universe is built on relationships.  But is this really groundbreaking news?  Perhaps it is to twenty-first century ears, but if [...]

  • Sacred and secular unequivocally intertwined

    As I put my brush to canvas, or pencil to paper…or whatever my medium of choice, that God is right there too wanting to paint with me, to be part of my life and the processes of what I am doing, what I am communicating, what I am experiencing, what I am learning.

  • The Creative Spirit and Genius

    I was doing some late night reading last night  and I had both eyes open for a change.  When it gets very late and I am tired, I find I read with one eye closed in order to focus…I likely should take that as a sign to go to bed.  Anyway back to creative people…well more like Creative Genius People…like Mozart and Andy Warhol, Beethoven, van Gogh, Yeats, George Orwell, Hans Christian Anderson and others.  It seems that many of the [...]