Poets and relationship with everything in the universe

Just read and interesting article by a woman named Carol Dempsey about Creation and Covenant…I wanted to share it as it speaks of the Poets instinctively understanding the interconnectedness between everything in the universe before the scientists understood it…

The birth of the new millennium has ushered in new discoveries and a “new science” that heralds groundbreaking news.  The entire universe is built on relationships.  But is this really groundbreaking news?  Perhaps it is to twenty-first century ears, but if one looks back, one will discover that this truth was known intuitively long before it was understood scientifically.  Poets of old knew this mystery of the universe. (Dempsey 10)

Here is Francis Thompson’s Poem that shows the entire universe is built on relationship:

All things by immortal power

near and far


to each other linked are.

Thou canst not stir a flower

without troubling a star.

Amazing isn’t it?  I love it!  There is so much more in this article about relationships…I thought the poem sounded like the way Yoda would share a thought.  Sounds like deep truth, wisdom, mystical understanding…

Anyway, maybe someone else has more examples!

Talk to you soon.



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