Archives: October2008

  • Students Surpass the Teacher…very cool

    It is very exciting to see the emerging art and expression of the next generation as 3 of my students have won places in the annual Juried Exhibition of the PineRidge Arts Council at the McLean Community Center in Ajax this week.  All three will have at least one piece in the show, one of them won Best in Show for Student Category as well as a Merit Award!  I have a piece in the show also.  I am so proud [...]

  • Many kinds of Creativity

    when I lifted the lid, it was full of her treasures…pages and pages of drawings she had done for me, a drawing we had done together, a canvas she did an abstract painting on, a poem, and a story. Creativity doesn’t get any better than that.

  • Next generation

    I am so excited to be dropping off not only my submissions, but submission for two of my stellar students in a local juried exhibition.  Teenagers don’t always respond the way you think they will, and one did not seem too excited until the last set of 4 paintings she did were all framed and sitting in front of her.  She suddenly seemed very excited about them and struggled to choose her two entries, and then decided her favourite one [...]

  • Is art about expression, or is it history?

    expressions captured on canvas, in notebooks, on pages, on walls of caves…wherever there has been historic finds from places all over the world, at one point, you had an artist with a train of thought…with his/her life experience and surroundings…deciding to make a mark courageously, good or bad, and share his/her voice with the people around, and perhaps unaware, with people of the future.