First solo (actually duo) Show – the dynamic Durham duo…

Well, I was asked earlier last year to be in a show with my daughter through Visual Arts Clarington, and told that the show would be at the Clarington Town Hall in Bowmanville.  I later found out we had to hang our own show, which is a new experience for me…I knew I needed a friend to help because I have been suffering from vertigo for a while now, and could not reach up very successfully to hang things without causing “bed spins” so to speak.  Well Leon came to the rescue (I am so glad he is tall and strong) because I don’t think I could have successfully done it without him.  We were able to get 28 paintings up on the two walls where you enter into the Town Hall and the two receptionists were very pleased with their view for the next few months.  We had passersby all day oohing and ahhhing and gasps of breath as they walked by and one of the receptionists said she has never seen a show like this one and that it seems to be seriously grabbing people’s attention and they are instantly stopping to look.  I still have to drop off the list for the show, and the write up about it, as well as perhaps a guestbook for people to sign, but I am excited about the response we were getting.  Extremely good feedback for hours is good for an artist’s soul ;0)  every so often…a few people saw the extra pieces we could not get into the show and jokingly asked if they could continue the show on in their offices and hang those in there…so if anyone is interested and curious, go to the Clarington Town offices which is also attached to the new Bowmanville LIbrary and check it out – make sure you sign the guestbook!  The show is called “Transformation & Change” and “Next Generation” and the artists are Sheri Gundry and Taylor Gundry –  and it runs from October – December 31st, 2009.  Another bit of exciting news is that The Conference Place Art Gallery has asked us to move the show to their gallery when it is done at this location, so we will be moving it in January to The Conference Place Art Gallery (Ontario Shores) in Whitby for it’s next stop!

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