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  • 2010 Reflections…

    I know I dream big, but I believe in my dreams and believe that big things are on the horizon that many of us can’t even imagine…we see dimly right now as if in a mirror, but when the full is

  • Inaugural event at The Sunroom Studio last night

    Aretemis was our Producer and Artistic Director as we undertook to film a live work of art created by myself (Sheri Gundry from Art With A Heart Inc.) with Dale as musical muse…We worked collaboratively to respond in the moment to both the music and the art being created in order to get a teaser up on You Tube to encourage young people

  • Looking Forward…Looking Back

    It seems so culturally relevant and fitting to have such an interesting character somewhat represent the times we are in, even in my own personal life, the youth that I work with in trying to encourage them into a productive and creative path, a young friend presently travelling in Italy who is so fascinated by gates and doorways and at that transition point in her life from youth to adult, transitions in our economies from industrialized centres to more creative centres…even for Station Gallery who is reflecting on the past 40 years and looking forward to the next.

  • Art and Healing…

    Sometimes we create for ourselves, sometimes we just create…sometimes what we create changes the lives of others and we don’t even know it.

  • Reading Painters Eleven after seeing some pieces at RMG in Oshawa

    “Yet abstract art, infinitely more than mere shapes and colours, is an amalgam of energy, power and rhythm, the components that fire this art’s ineffable energy.”