Art and Healing…


Just came across an article about a woman who connected with a painting that she saw at an Oncology clinic during a surgery…it reminded me of a connection I made a few years ago with a woman going through treatments for breast cancer.

A few friends and myself had been dropping food off for this woman and her family and I felt prompted to give or “loan” a painting to her.  I brought it with me and offered it, and it led to a much deeper conversation.  The woman hung it on her wall at the end of her bed, and she said every morning she would look at it and it would help her to meditate or pray about her situation and it brought her comfort.  I offered her to keep the painting, or when it was all over, to take another painting in its place instead, knowing that there could be many negative feelings attached to it.  She agreed at the end of the process that she would rather get another piece in its place. 

She said that painting gave her hope every time she looked at it and knew that others were lifting her up and carrying her through this very difficult time. 

Sometimes we create for ourselves, sometimes we just create…sometimes what we create changes the lives of others and we don’t even know it.

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