Inaugural event at The Sunroom Studio last night

The Sunroom Studio

Wow, what a night last night was!  Dale Russell (formerly from The Guess Who) who is one of the founding directors of SASS (School Alliance of Student Songwriters) and his founding partner Artemis Chartier came by with David Millar, Director from DFCC  to begin our work on a joint project with all of the above and Art With A Heart Inc. 

Artemis was our Producer and Artistic Director as we undertook to film a live work of art created by myself (Sheri Gundry from Art With A Heart Inc.) with Dale as musical muse…We worked collaboratively to respond in the moment to both the music and the art being created  in order to get a teaser up on You Tube to encourage young people to undertake similar projects.  We are doing this exact thing with students in the Durham Region, having some respond to music through art, and others to create songs in response to artwork. 

We are hoping the project will be completed in March 2011 including the release of a CD with booklet including artwork and songs from this experience, perhaps with a CD release and small show at a local gallery like the RMG.

We know the synergy produced by working together and the exciting things that can emerge from it, we saw a bit of it happen last night as we created art together.  I have posted  the art piece taken with my little point and press today, but there will be some You Tube finished hopefully next week.  Both SASS and DFCC/AWAH have students already at work on their parts of the project, and we look forward in  seeing the results from their collaborative response to each other.  With the creative spirit at work and flowing between them, I am sure it will be nothing short of amazing!

Great news!  Here is the You Tube clip for you to see – The Art of Synergy

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  • curator by day says:

    Wonderful to see this exposure, Sheri! Your piece in the Looking Forward, Looking Back is a really departure for you and a nice entry point for visitors as they enter the gallery. Sarah and Taylor’s pieces are fantastic–there’s something happening at the Gundry’s! Wishing you all the best for the holidays!

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