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  • Hibernation and Persistence

    It is always inspiring to see the youth have no fear to enter in with new mediums and ideas and create without hesitation…They inspire me to be creative at the very least, to fearlessly try new things. The inspire me to be willing to fail in the process while opening new pathways of expression. I hope that the youth begin to see their own value and worth, and how worthwhile it is for us to work with them and

  • 2011 Starts with a Flurry of Action!

    Wow, it is only a week into the New Year and so much has happened, it’s like popcorn in a pot. You wait forever to hear that first pop, then when it starts, they all go! We have been accepted (Taylor Gundry, Sheri Gundry, Kim Mather and Meagan Mather) to do a group show in April through PRAC at McLean Community Centre in Ajax, Town of