Hibernation and Persistence

Youth Project, Oshawa

Discovering new mediums and ways to express yourself

Winter seems to have brought with it a dual response from me these days.  There is days where you wake up to the bright shining sun, ready to conquer the day and full of a desire to discover the beauty outside…white crisp snow, flakes flying through the air, deep breaths bringing in a crisp jolt of extreme freshness…

At the same time as you delight in the picturesque view that lays outside, the cold makes you want to hibernate and huddle under blankets in front of the fireplace with a warm cup of tea…and do absolutely nothing!

Nothing does not exist for me right now however, but I would like to linger in that place some days…

Administration is an interesting part of running a business, I have found myself on the desk side of the art business for a number of months now between starting our charity, writing grant proposals, answering emails, connecting with people, learning how to Tweet, blog and be social, working on upcoming events, emailing contacts, meeting with potential partners to share visions and dreams…it is definitely a large part of business, but it is at times for me, excruciating…I get exhilarated by the conversations and connections, but dislike the desk work.  I’d rather be walking in a forest experiencing creation happening around me.

We just found out we did not get our first grant proposal, so we are in process of writing some more…never quit, just keep on going, but learn to do it better each time…I was very disappointed on one hand, but expected it on the other.  So many people have said, “you never get your first few proposals awarded…” so persistence is key…fortunately I have that if nothing else.

Working with the artists from the Art With A Heart Inc. Youth Project has been great.  It is always inspiring to see the youth have no fear to enter in with new mediums and ideas and create without hesitation…They inspire me to be creative at the very least, to fearlessly try new things.  The inspire me to be willing to fail in the process while opening new pathways of expression.  I hope that the youth begin to see their own value and worth, and how worthwhile it is for us to work with them and challenge them on to believe that they can do anything they set their minds, and hearts to.  If they persist and invest themselves, they will see results.  I had an artist tell me that once – Tim Packer…he said: “artists who stick to it will always find success because someone out there will like their work – the only thing that stops most artists from making it is sticking to it.”  Both my husband and I got a lot from that statement…persist, don’t quit, don’t back down, down allow the let downs do more than slow you down for a moment, then shake off the dust and begin again…

Have been painting some dragon fruit…work still in progress, maybe will finish later today.  Life is a balance between discovery and hibernation I think~

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