The Art of Change

A friend posted this great article that had a section in it that confirmed what I have believed for a very long time: 

“Future generations will be called to solve some of the most challenging problems ever created and faced by man. Our children must master systems-thinking to envision multiple methods for addressing complex challenges like renewable energy, world hunger, climate change, and ultimately, the design of a better world. They must also possess the compassion to recognize the rising human population and create a world that is inclusive, rather than exclusive.”

We are living in a new time, full of ways being ushered in, and old ways becoming redundant and unworkable.  Though we are in a time of flux and transition, it is like a snake shedding it’s skin, or like the eagle, that must go through the painful process of separating itself from others for a time and through a long and painful process, pluck out all of it’s own feathers, and then all of it’s talons in waiting for new ones to come, or it will die.

We are moving into a time where ‘team, collaboration, inclusion, compassion, vision’ all must be a major part of our vocabulary.  You see the way youth operate already, and most of them are much more willing to operate in group settings than us older folk do.  In order to walk successfully in those things, competitiveness and clamouring for top dog places will no longer work.  Lone Ranger philosophies will not allow for the future to come forth successfully.  It will be a time when recognition of the individual and their gifts (reminds me of Avatar – “I see you”) and encouraging those gifts to be used for the greater good will be more important than fighting for your own recognition and placement.  Shift is scary, but it is also exciting.

What does this have to do with art you ask?  It has everything to do with the art of transition, with the art of living differently, the art of seeing things differently, the art of recognizing others, with the art of creative living in collaboration with others.  Spring is here, shake off your old dusty, heavy ways, and put on a brand new, lighter, brighter coat for spring to celebrate the coming shift.

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