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Well, if you are reading this, you perhaps don’t know me, so hi!  I am an emerging artist from the Durham Region, who began painting very young.  I am sure I started with finger painting, but progressed to oils by about age 7.  I fell in love with painting and drawing after that and would pour over books with instructions for new projects for years.  I pursued some undergraduate studies in graphic design, and have studied under accomplished working artists (workshops to longer short-term studies) since then.  I love all things creative, when I was a frustrated artist, I decorated cakes, and as a professional clown (which I still am), I painted faces, arms, and legs…I ventured back towards painting on a more serious level about 3 years ago now, and have been on an incredible journey of pursuing a lifestyle of creativity since.  That journey has led me into relationships with many people who I didn’t even know existed 2 years ago.  I have many dreams of using art in various forums of communication, expression, historical/social explanation, healing, career development, team building…it seems so many ideas and often so little time.  Unfinished canvases calling, ideas left to percolate…someday I will see it come to fruition.  In the meantime, I am delighted to share my discoveries, my artistic journey and my spirituality with you…nice to meet you!

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