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  • Hibernation and Persistence

    It is always inspiring to see the youth have no fear to enter in with new mediums and ideas and create without hesitation…They inspire me to be creative at the very least, to fearlessly try new things. The inspire me to be willing to fail in the process while opening new pathways of expression. I hope that the youth begin to see their own value and worth, and how worthwhile it is for us to work with them and

  • Art and Healing…

    Sometimes we create for ourselves, sometimes we just create…sometimes what we create changes the lives of others and we don’t even know it.

  • Diversity of Talent necessary in our communities

    This statement resonated with me instantly…and I agree that at times, education interferes

  • Fall Reflections

    Wow, it is hard to believe how fast a year comes and goes…I remember this exact weekend last year when we did the OAA Fall Art Festival and Art With A Heart Inc. made their first appearance on the art scene… I guess some years are all art, and some years are building the framework for that.  I have painted many bodies and faces as Sunflower the Clown, but have hardly touched a canvas of any kind…yet for two years [...]

  • First solo (actually duo) Show – the dynamic Durham duo…

    We were able to get 28 paintings up on the two walls where you enter into the Town Hall and the two receptionists were very pleased with their view for the next few months. We had passersby all day oohing and ahhhing and gasps of breath as they walked by and one of the receptionists said she has never seen a show like this one and that it seems to be seriously grabbing people’s attention and they are instantly stopping to look.

  • Fabulous quote that sums it all up!

    “Art is our one true global language. It know no nation, it favors no race, and

  • Perspectives Art Show and Opening of The Conference Place Art Gallery

    Great Event opening last Saturday at The Conference Place at Whitby Mental Health! Great facility, great connection to bring art into a healing atmosphere. The speaker David Aurandt that opened the event is a wonderful speaker and advocate of the Arts, I have heard

  • The Solitary Nature of Artists

    It seems to me that there is an underlying solitary nature that is integral, and part of the heart of an artist. There is a separateness, perhaps that of observation, but also the ability to appreciate and almost become part of your surroundings,

  • I have been Considering the Lilies

    …so I sent my husband out on a mission one night…I said “can you bring me home some lilies, a flat screen tv, and some ice cream…” It worked! He came home with all three and only had about 15 min. to find a tv (I guess he was wanting a new tv) but the lilies were not the same colour as the last ones…

  • Thinking about art and artists and art shows. Sounds like the AAA…

    If I could, I would forever paint and virtually never come out of hiding except to come up for breaths of inspiration from long nature walks, and a good chai tea latte or something…even a movie perhaps.