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  • The Art of Change

    What does this have to do with art you ask? It has everything to do with the art of transition, with the art of living differently, the art of seeing things differently, the art of recognizing others, with the art of creative living in collaboration

  • Hibernation and Persistence

    It is always inspiring to see the youth have no fear to enter in with new mediums and ideas and create without hesitation…They inspire me to be creative at the very least, to fearlessly try new things. The inspire me to be willing to fail in the process while opening new pathways of expression. I hope that the youth begin to see their own value and worth, and how worthwhile it is for us to work with them and

  • 2011 Starts with a Flurry of Action!

    Wow, it is only a week into the New Year and so much has happened, it’s like popcorn in a pot. You wait forever to hear that first pop, then when it starts, they all go! We have been accepted (Taylor Gundry, Sheri Gundry, Kim Mather and Meagan Mather) to do a group show in April through PRAC at McLean Community Centre in Ajax, Town of

  • 2010 Reflections…

    I know I dream big, but I believe in my dreams and believe that big things are on the horizon that many of us can’t even imagine…we see dimly right now as if in a mirror, but when the full is

  • Looking Forward…Looking Back

    It seems so culturally relevant and fitting to have such an interesting character somewhat represent the times we are in, even in my own personal life, the youth that I work with in trying to encourage them into a productive and creative path, a young friend presently travelling in Italy who is so fascinated by gates and doorways and at that transition point in her life from youth to adult, transitions in our economies from industrialized centres to more creative centres…even for Station Gallery who is reflecting on the past 40 years and looking forward to the next.

  • Fabulous quote that sums it all up!

    “Art is our one true global language. It know no nation, it favors no race, and

  • Pondering creativity, change, and the Industrial Age…

    The thought dawned on me that artistic and creative expression can look many different ways, and likely we are all creative, since we were created in the image of our Creator. Therefore we must each have the desire and capacity to be creative.

  • Great Quote by Henri Nouwen

    You are a Christian only so long as you constantly pose critical questions to the society you live in — so long as you stay unsatisfied with the status quo and keep saying that a new world is yet to come. — Henri Nouwen

  • Is art about expression, or is it history?

    expressions captured on canvas, in notebooks, on pages, on walls of caves…wherever there has been historic finds from places all over the world, at one point, you had an artist with a train of thought…with his/her life experience and surroundings…deciding to make a mark courageously, good or bad, and share his/her voice with the people around, and perhaps unaware, with people of the future.

  • Poets and relationship with everything in the universe

    Just read and interesting article by a woman named Carol Dempsey about Creation and Covenant…I wanted to share it as it speaks of the Poets instinctively understanding the interconnectedness between everything in the universe before the scientists understood it… The birth of the new millennium has ushered in new discoveries and a “new science” that heralds groundbreaking news.  The entire universe is built on relationships.  But is this really groundbreaking news?  Perhaps it is to twenty-first century ears, but if [...]